Thursday, 7 February 2008

John Loughton, winner of Big Brother, bothers about Burma!

John Loughton is a former pupil of Inchview, one of the 2 schools that merged to become Forthview. His little brother, Christopher, is in P6/7 and has a pen pal in Hle Bee School. As Chair of Scotland's Youth Parliament, John has always supported Christopher and Forthview's interest in supporting Burmese children.
Today John made a surprise visit to Forthview, which delighted us all as we have supported him right through his Big Brother experience. On Big Brother he was a wonderful and shining example of how great Pilton folk are. Last Friday we had a great big party to celebrate his win.
When he spoke to the children in assembly today, he told us all that he was going to give a small gift of £100 from his win to Hle Bee School in Burma. The children gasped, 'WOW! £100!'
What a local hero! John is such a kind and generous person who believes in justice for young people. Thank you John from the bottom of our hearts. We are so proud of you.