Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Marathon Effort to bring Burmese Teachers to Scotland

Miss Vacher, Mr Stobie, Miss Campbell, Ms Laing and 7 Campie folk worked really hard on Marathon Day to raise the extra money we need to bring the Burmese teachers over to Scotland in September. 4 Campie teachers ran the Marathon in a relay and the children sponsored them £412.92......WOW!

Then 11 Forthview and Campie folk worked hard as a RACE CREW all day. We managed the relay changeover at Seton Sands and we were paid £165 for that.

So all in all £577.92 raised from our Marathon efforts.

Then Campie P6 and P7 had one of the famous Campie Cake Sales on Friday and they raised £191.

Putting that with our Kilts N Longyis ceilidh and some Campie chidren having sales outside their houses, tat brings our total for the Burmese Teacher Fund to £1727. That pays for 2 Burmese passports! And a bit left over for visas, travel to get visas and passports. We still have 2 cake sales to go, Spree books to sell and a Sponsored HOUSE ARREST to go.

Thanks to all the Forthview, Campie and Pirniehall folk making this possible.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Forthview and Campie work together at Edinburgh Marathon

Today, a team of Forthview and Campie teachers, friends and parents joined forces to work as Relay Changeover Team 3 so that we could make some money towards helping our Burmese teachers come over to Scotland in September 2010. The workers raised £165. We guided runners, matched up relay runners, picked up discarded water bottles, lugged tons of water and juice as a chain gang and dismantled fences. Hard work but at the end we collapsed into Ms Laing's garden (aka The Burmese Embassy in Port Seton) with ice lollies and cold drinks. Well done team!

4 Campie teachers were sponsored to run as a relay team and the money is going to THe Burmese Teachers' Fund so we probably raised £500 today altogether. Awesome.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pirniehall, Forthview and Campie Schools are trying to raise extra funds to support bringing our Burmese teachers over in September.
We are expecting Pho Cho and Nee Shar can come to Pirniehall.
We are expecting Bobo to come to Forthview.
We are expecting Say Heh to come to Campie.

Their passports and visas cost more than Global Schools Partnerships can provide. We had a ceilidh and raised £700. Many of you came to that. Thank you. But we need to do more so we have embarked on a fundraising drive and believe we will get all we need by the time we go there in the summer.

We are making a RACE CREW TEAM at the Marathon to make another £200ish. We are short of 5 members. Can you help? We’re covering the 3rd relay changeover so it’s at Port Seton. You have to be over 18 and free between 9 and 3.30pm.

Email Ms Laing on if you are free.