Sunday, 30 August 2009

OUR BURMA BOOK exhibition - a wee video clip

Journalists from the Democratic Voice of Burma have made a lovely wee video clip of the exhibition opening. It's in Burmese so is great for our Burmese readers. Scottish readers can guess what it says. People to spot are Dar Dar Kyaw, Tominai, Si Si Win, Phyu Phyu Win and little Bobo from Hle Bee, Murray Forgie, Kyaw Win, Louise Laing and there are others.... If you can play an MP4, enjoy......

Sunday, 23 August 2009

OUR BURMA BOOK opens in Chiang Mai

OUR BURMA BOOK exhibition opened in Chiang Mai on Saturday 22 August 2009.
The exhibition is in Lur Cafe, Soi 9, Nimanhemin, Chiang Mai.
Louise Laing spoke at the opening on behalf of the Scottish schools
and then Burmese and Shan children took part in an etching workshop
as you can see here.

Our artist friends who are putting on the exhibition

support the children through the etching process.

We are very grateful to them for their hard work and creative input to this project.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sheila Laing's daughter, Louise, has gone to Hle Bee School in Mae Sot for a few months to teach English and Emotional Literacy and to cuddle Burmese babies! You can read about her journey on

Today Louise spoke at the opening of OUR BURMA BOOK exhibition in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Shan school children were taught how to etch by an artist at the opening and the Democratic Voice of Burma were videoing the whole event. More to come on this.

Isn't it amazing how this wee Forthview link that started way back in 2005 just keeps growing and growing....

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Uniform target for March 2010

Hle Bee School now has 14 students in Grade 6. In March next year, these 14 children will leave Hle Bee School. We hope that they will all attend a Burmese high school/learning centre in Mae Sot starting in June 2010. The education in the learning centres is free but it costs around £20 to kit a child out with a full set of uniform/shoes/bag etc.

We have said to Thazin that we will pay for each child to be kitted out for high school in the hope that it will help those families who are willing to allow their child to attend high school. So the target we need to raise by March 2010 is £280. Shouldn't be hard.....

Ideas welcome....