Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Day of 2 miracles

Khine's sister arrived in Edinburgh to see Khine. It was very hard for her to see him in Intensive Care with many machines supporting his life. She was here through the hard work of Mark Lazarwicz, MP and his PA Karen and the International Unit of Edinburgh University. When I saw her come off the plane, I was awed by the miracle of this young Burmese woman getting a visa and arriving in Scotland so fast.

And then Khine regained some consciousness! Though still sedated, he used nods of his head and squeezing of hands to tell us he knows his sister is here and he can see her and to tell us when there is pain etc. A second miracle of the day.

So the second operation he had to have last night on his brain was a success and now we pray for a slow and steady recovery to health.

Louise is just back from the hospital (11pm) and she wants to blog this;

I feel elated because Khine did a very nice goodbye. It was the first time this week that I thought Khine was really there. He squeezed my hand hard when I said, "Shall we listen to Metallica tomorrow?" He even moved his head in Geoff's direction when Geoff said bye and then he waved.

However today was a day of highs and lows because 3 patients became very ill yet Khine became better.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Please pray for Khine....

Khine Maung, BEST's student at Edinburgh University is critically ill in hospital in Edinburgh. Khine developed flu with an infection that spread into his sinus and brain. He had emergency brain surgery on Wednesday 28 January 2009. His Scottish friends are sitting in hospital with him all the time but we would like you to join us in sending this clever and delightful young man your prayers and positive thoughts, whatever your faith.....

Mark Lazarowicz, Forthview's MP ( , and his wonderful PA, Karen, have been awesome in the support they have given to Khine's sister which will enable her to travel to Scotland in the next few days. You can see Mark in his continuous support of Forthview's Burma link in the posting below this.
The University of Edinburgh are generously arranging her travel. Everyone who has heard about Khine has done their utmost to support his fight for life. Join us in our vigil. We will keep you posted.

Here is a photo of Khine on his 23rd birthday. He is now 24.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Chelsea's Burma Christmas Card wins competition

Mark Lazarowicz, MP for North Edinburgh and Leith ( choose a Christmas card designed by Chelsea in P5 to be his Christmas card. Inside Mark told his 2000 readers about Forthview's link with Hle Bee and asked for support for our Burmese friends. Thank you Mark and well done Chelsea. We have now sent a copy of the card to Hle Bee. They will be delighted.