Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Walk a mile for a friend

On Friday 14 March 08, Forthview P1-7 walked a mile, which was 5 times around the building. Each child brought a donation for Hle Bee so that we can help them by wash hand basins. Forthview has 50 wash hand basins and Hle Bee have none. Altogether we made £200 and that works out at about 10 wash hand basins for Hle Bee. The wash hand basins are really important because Forthview and Hle Bee teachers are going to work together on a Healthy Hands project where we encourage our children in both schools to wash their hands to reduce infections. In the pictures you can see P4 set to go, the fastest boy who was in P3/4 and P3 shouting HLE BEE!
On the last day of term, a member of staff donated £40 so we could get another 2 wash hand basins. So that's enough for about 12 wash hand basins. Thank you!
PS 22 April 2008 - the children counted the money wrongly! So we only made £160 which makes the total £200 = 10 wash hand basins. Still good!