Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kilts n Longyis Ceilidh March 2010

On Friday 5 March, the teachers who have travelled to the Thai Burma border over the last few years gathered with old and new friends of the Burmese people to celebrate the Scotland-Burma link at St James Church, Leith Links, Edinburgh.

We enjoyed Burmese and Scottish food and Scottish dancing. Our Burmese friends present were too shy to dance for us! Maybe when our Burmese teachers come to Scotland, we can have Burmese dance at our ceilidh? And that's why we were having this ceilidh, to raise money to pay for the passports and visas, our Burmese teachers have to get, at great personal cost, to travel to Scotland.

A huge thank to everyone who cooked, helped and supported the event. We raised £700. Wow!