Thursday, 23 April 2009

Burmese New Year Water Fight at Forthview!

Today we learnt about the Burmese Buddhist festival of THINGYAN, which celebrates New Year. Thingyan was last week in Burma. We learnt that at this time, Burmese people make offerings at the temple and think about washing away all the errors of the last year. And then the fun begins ..... WATER FIGHTS all over the place in Burma.

So what else could Forthview do but have a go at their own WATER FIGHT. One child from every P3-7 class was challenged to soak Ms Laing and Mr Napier who were challenged to soak every child. The whole school watched from their windows as you can see. Ms Laing and Mr Napier threw water at the windows of every class. Here you can see the action! It was magic. One of the highlights of Ms Laing's 32 year teaching career. Thank you Burma - great idea !

You can see more photos on our school blog (There's a link to it on the right of your screen. Happy Thingyan or Mingla Nit Thit Kuu Par!