Sunday, 12 July 2009

A look at Dr Thein Lwin's Weekend School

Charity, the young teacher, is a Burmese woman who has studied hard in Chiang Mai and has sponsorship to go to Hong Kong to study Law this year.
Irvine was totally impressed
with her enthusiasm for teaching these Burmese children on a Saturday
after working all week
and by her commitment to her people.
Introducing ourselves with an action.

Fiona and Dr Thein Lwin visit the second class.

Kindergarten loved Fiona's camera.

Irvine getting stuck into the lesson.


Dr Thein Lwin takes us to Chiang Mai bus station.

Before we start to show you Hle Bee this year, let us give you a glimpse of Dr Thein Lwin's Weekend School. Last year, The Thinking Classroom Foundation ran 2 schools in Chiang Mai but many difficulties with the Thai authorities meant they had to close these schools. Now they can only run a reduced service to the children on Saturday and Sunday. We visited there on Saturday morning before we went to Chiang Mai at 11am. It was a great introduction for Irvine to learning with Burmese children. He thought it was brillliant.

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Gladys said...

HI All
following your adventures again this year it never ceases to amaze me how so little can make such a huge difference to so many, keep up the good work. Love to all
Gladys and family